Emergency Locksmith Adelaide service by Adelaide Home Security Locksmiths. There’s nothing worse than arriving home and finding that you’ve lost your keys and can’t get in. Although rushing to your vehicle in a heavy rainstorm and finding that your car keys are missing is perhaps just as bad. Or maybe the scenario is even worse and you arrived home to find you have been burgled and your door and windows are no longer secure…

If you find yourself in these or any other emergency lock-out situation, don’t despair! Adelaide Home Security is your mobile locksmith experts and we can be with you in a jiffy and soon have you back safely inside your home or driving on to your destination.

Just call our Hotline on 0406 149 917 and we’ll come rushing to your aid.

The great advantage of Adelaide Home Security is that we come fully equipped in our mobile locksmith vehicle which has everything we need to fix or replace your lock. Since we have no building rent or maintenance to pay our overhead costs are incredibly low and we pass on these savings to you, our clients. If you can find a better company that offers cheaper services we will do our best to match or even beat the prices they quote you.

After 30+ years experience repairing, replacing and dealing with all sorts of emergency locksmith issues in the Adelaide area, we are honestly not bragging if we say we are pretty good at what we do.

If your locks cannot be repaired and we do not have the type of replacement lock that you desire, we will leave you safe and secure with a temporary locking solution and return just as soon as we can to install the new hardware of your choice.

We understand how stressful and inconvenient these situations can be and so make a point of dealing promptly, professionally and efficiently with your unfortunate event.

So note our number in your mobile phone – 0406 149 917 emergency locksmith Adelaide – and the next time you find yourself needing fast locksmith services we can be on our way to your aid before you have time to get upset