• Cheap Locksmith in Adelaide

    A home that may need the help of a cheap locksmith in Adelaide

    Life in the 21st century never gets any cheaper. With increased costs for fuel, food, rent and other essential goods and services, you don't want to have to waste your hard-earned money on inferior products or shoddy workmanship.

    That's why at Adelaide Home Security we offer affordable locksmith services, without ever compromising on the high standard of materials or excellent quality of the work we do.

    We have rock bottom overheads because we offer a 100% mobile service – which means we have no rent, building maintenance, electricity, water or other fixed charges to pay. All these savings we pass on to you – our clients – because you are what makes our business successful so it is in our interests to give you the best, most professional AND most economical services we can so that you always come back for more!

    We carry everything we need to replace, repair, maintain, or rekey your door and window locks in our fully-equipped mobile locksmith vehicles which, in an emergency, can arrive at your Adelaide location within minutes of your call.

    For more routine locksmith services, we offer free quotes and will set up an appointment. We promise to arrive at the appointed hour because we know that you cannot lose time waiting around for us to show up.

    Competitive Locksmith Quotes

    If you find a similarly reputable company that quotes less than us, then give us a call and we will do our best to match, if not beat, the amount they want to charge.

    Though our prices our affordable, our products and services are always of the highest standards and quality. We only sell door and window locks that we know will function as they should. Also, we only suggest upgrades that we think you truly need – not just to make a quick buck as some less scrupulous companies will do.

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    So next time you're looking for an affordable Adelaide locksmith service that is high on professionalism and quality, think Adelaide Home Security. We are the extremely competent mobile locksmith company that prides itself on saving your hard-earned dollars!
    We are so mobile that we can offer our services to almost any part of Adelaide. Our call outs are normally within the hour of you contacting us, 24/7. We understand that you can lose your keys, need car key replacements or have had a break in to your home or business at any time. Unfortunately, these circumstances have a habit of arising in the least convenient time, such as late Sunday night, a public holiday, or in the middle of the night.

    Our fast mobile call out service ensures that your lock problem will be sorted with no fuss- quickly, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively.