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8 Tips for Securing Your Home While You’re Away

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Travelling away from home can be a lot of fun, but a nagging concern about the security of your home can spoil the experience. If you have ever had the experience of your home being burgled, it can be particularly difficult to overcome the fear of it happening again so you can travel freely. The following tips can help you secure your home so you can enjoy your trip without worry.

1. Invest in a Home Monitoring System

Home monitoring systems allow you to see what is going on at home even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Stream live video from your home to your mobile device or review data from the last few days to find out whether your home is safe or not.

2. Leave a Key With a Trusted Friend

Before you set off on your trip, give a key to someone you can trust and ask them to go around and check on your home. They can pick up mail, water plants and investigate anything suspicious. This activity helps make the home look occupied, which will deter potential thieves from trying to break in.

3. Cancel or Postpone Deliveries

Packages left outside your home are not only at risk of being stolen; they also advertise the fact that the home is empty. Put regular subscriptions on hold and ask companies to postpone deliveries of items until you return. If you are not able to rearrange deliveries, ask your friend to deal with them until you get back.

4. Don’t Leave a Key Under the Mat

Home thieves know all the places homeowners hide keys, including classics such as under a flowerpot, beneath the welcome mat or behind a bushy plant. They are sure to find any key that you have left on your property and use it to ransack your home. The only key you should leave behind is the one you leave with a trusted friend or neighbour.

5. Upgrade Your Locks

If you have been thinking of upgrading the locks that secure your home, before you set off on a long trip is the ideal time to do it. Contact a local locksmith to ask about the most secure options for securing your home against thieves. Don’t forget that your windows need secure locks as well as your doors.

6. Install Security Lighting

Thieves like to operate in the dark. Install a security light that uses a motion sensor to detect when someone is approaching the property at night. The prospect of suddenly being flooded with light is likely to deter a lot of people who may think of targeting your home.

7. Lock Up Valuables

The tips given here can reduce the risk of thieves targeting your home while you are away, but cannot guarantee that a break-in will not occur. Therefore it is a sensible precaution to lock valuable items, such as credit cards, important documents, cash, jewellery and technological devices in a safe.

8. Remember to Lock Everything

Locking up your home before you leave might seem like an obvious tip, but in fact it is very easy to forget to check that all entry points are secure. Before you leave, go around the home so you can be sure that all windows are closed and locked, and that you lock and deadbolt all doors where if possible.

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