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3 Ways to Deter Criminals From Targeting Your Home

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Home burglaries are all too common in Australia, with about a quarter of a million occurring each year around the country. Defend your home with these tips.

Home security is a high priority for most Australian home owners. It’s important to feel that you and your family are safe and secure while you’re at home and that your home and belongings are well-protected while you’re out.

Unfortunately, home burglaries are all too common in Australia, with about a quarter of a million occurring each year around the country. While it’s easy to imagine that there are higher burglary rates in suburbs that are known for generally high crime rates and drug use, it’s actually regular or affluent suburbs that are targeted by criminals for burglary. Homes in these areas provide more valuable goods to steal, and because residents have a false sense of security, houses are often easier to break into.

The key to preventing your home from being broken into and robbed by criminals is to make it an unappealing target. Burglars look for homes with lax security measures and fast and easy access. Here are three simple ways that you can visibly and physically deter criminals from targeting your home.

1. Add a Deadbolt to External Doors

You may think that because the external doors of your home are locked that they’ll keep the bad guys out. Unfortunately, standard door locks offer little in the way of resistance when confronted with an experienced and motivated criminal.

Many door locks can be opened swiftly using a crow bar or simple brute force.Adding a dead bolt to all of your external doors will make them much more difficult to force open. Deadbolts have a thick, strong bolt that penetrates deep into the door frame.

Couple that bolt with a sturdy strike plate that’s attached with long screws, and you’ll have a door that’s virtually impenetrable.

2. Add Screens and Locks to Your Windows

Due to the nature of the material windows are made from, windows are a very vulnerable entry point in a home. Around 30% of burglaries involve criminals entering through an unlocked window,and a large percentage involve breaking windows to gain entry.

Increasing the security of your home’s windows is a highly effective way to deter would-be criminals.For the best protection, your windows should be protected by both a security screen and a high-quality window lock.

Choose screens that have been proven to withstand both prising and impactentry attempts. Locks should be high-quality locks with keys that are retro fitted. Too often, the locks that are fitted as standard on windows are flimsy and provide little resistance.

3. Add Attention to detail, keep an eye out for your families safety and remember to always lockup your home or business

Criminals also look for and target homes and businesses that look unsecure or maybe doors and windows are left unlocked or partly open by mistake. The opportunistic criminal once inside your home or business can access a bountiful selection of goods to steal.

As well as tools and sporting goods, thieves often target cars. Around half of all cars stolen in Australia are taken from the owner’s home.
Adding extra awareness, attention to detail and discussing locking up and safety with all family members regularly can help to keep your home or business more secure.

Of course adding a deadbolt to all doors in your home will help, however if you forget and they are left unsecured or partly open, this can be an open invitation to any potential opportunist thief.

You can also prevent your car from being stolen by keeping it locked at all times,and making sure that the keys are not left in the ignition or somewhere easy to find.

If you’d like to increase the security level of your home and install extra locks to deter criminals, contact the team at Adelaide Home Security Locksmiths. We specialise in supplying and installing locks for residential locksmith customers and we’d love to help make you feel safer in your home.