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4 Steps You Need to Take to Secure Your New Home

While moving to a new home is an exciting event in your life, it also comes with a slew of items that you need to add to your to-do list. With so many things on your list, you may forget to properly secure your new home. Here are a few things you should do to ensure your new home is safe from intruders. 

1. Re-Key Your Doors

One of the first items you should complete as soon as you get the keys to your new home is to re-key the doors. Alternatively, you may change your locks, but if you like the style of the current locks, re-keying them is a budget-conscious solution.

At some point, the previous owners of your home likely gave a copy of their keys to friends, children, pet sitters or domestic help. You are unlikely to know how many keys to your new home are still floating around.

Even if your home is a new construction property and you are the first one to live in it, multiple keys to your home may still exist. Remember, during the building of your home, multiple contractors may have needed access to do their work. Multiple spare keys might be unaccounted for. Re-keying all your doors will give your home security and you peace of mind.

2. See If Your Property Needs Additional Lighting

Property that lacks adequate lighting gives potential burglars multiple places to hide. Take a walk around your home at night, and see what areas need more lighting. Do not forget structures aside from your home, such as storage sheds, barns or gazebos. These are all places potential criminals might choose to access.

If you are concerned that additional lighting will increase your power bill, you may install motion-sensitive lights. As soon as these lights detect motion, they will illuminate your property, possibly deterring trespassers.

3. Check That Your Windows are Secure

Most homeowners know to check the security of their doors, but you can easily overlook your windows. Check that each window has a lock and that the lock is in working condition. If you believe that your windows will benefit from new, secure locks, have a locksmith replace them.

Do not forget to check the locks on sliding glass doors and screen doors. Even if you pair the screen door with a sturdy exterior door, ensuring that it has a working lock adds an additional layer of security to your new home. Thieves often look for homes that are quick and easy to break into.

4. Install Peepholes or a Video Doorbell

Before you grant a visitor access to your home, you should be able to see who is at your home. If you open the door even just a few inches, a criminal can push your door open and gain access to your home. You need to be able to see who is at your door at every entry point to your home.

Peepholes are a budget-friendly option to preview possible visitors. They are also simple for a locksmith to install in an existing door.

Alternatively, you may install a video doorbell. This upgrade lets you see who is at your door without being right in front of the door. Some video doorbells also have apps that permit you to screen visitors when you are away from your property.

Do not delay changing your window locks or re-keying your exterior locks. Adelaide Home Security Locksmiths can replace all of your locks so that you have peace of mind in your new home. Contact us today to learn more about our residential lock services.